Thursday, 5 July 2018

skydiving writing

Last week i had i call and i was skydiving it was

Scary that was crazy i felt like i was going to die so i pack my staff i . go to them and. I was scared i jump in

The helecopter i put on my gear i put my mask on

And i jump out and i close my eyes th en i open my

Eyes and i felt i was in a game and i felt i was in

Fortnight it was fun i was spinig around it was crazy

Then i looked at the wach then i pulled my glider

I was about to land then that was it.

Friday, 15 June 2018

matariki day

Last week on friday it was matariki day i was on crafting it was fun
We made stars it was cool my teacher was mrs moran she was the best
And we had year ones and year 7s they helped us then after it was
Lunch time i had cookie time and a chicken stick . then i went to play handball with my friend teejay and inga and rosey.that was the funny
Thing then the bell rang. Then we were making something else.
We were drawing a star then we cut the star then we put the
Star on a paper then we coloured around the star the we pick the star up
The the paper looks like a star and we had actives to do we had
Cross word or finish the sentences then the bell rang for lunch
We had lots of time to play.we were just playing handball again
Then we lost the ball.then after lunch we went to get or bags we
Went to assembly for the end of the day after assembly we went home.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

the buckt

Today we had to show what we can write when we have 40 minutes to write without talking to others we were able to work quietly to complete the task.


Once apon a time there was a cow a chicken and rat and a bee They whated. to go to the beach but they did not were to go. But the cow found a map that leads you to a beach then there Hunters that were hunting for the cow then the cow was running away form them the he found some. Where to hide he hided And the hunters went away . the the cow was save the he found The chicken and the rat then. They went to the beehive the cow said. Moow then. The bee got scared he . the bee was still sleeping The the bee went out then the cow told bee everything then They follow the map they went for adventures they vrese a angry bear. The bear was kind the bear was scared because there were Hunters looking for him to then the cow told the bear to follow him

So there were all most there then the bear smell fresh water then the cow followed then they found the beach then they jumped in the water they a fun time the end.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Thank you for that letter Kane. That is cool that you had a minecraft birthday.
If I was in your school I will eat your cake it will be yummy. I want to eat your cupcakes to it will be yum as. This term we have been learning about music.

From Lorenzo.

Friday, 1 September 2017


Yesterday, all the Year 3s and Year 4s got on a bus to go to the Stardome.We were all at the hall and we went in the bus. We were playing hand games and we were singing songs.
We were looking out the window and we were eating our food.At the Stardome, we learned some really cool things about our solar system. At stardome we were in a room and we were talking about the sun and the moon. All the planets are spinning around the sun and the sun is not spinning because it is to big. We Went into the space room and We Were on the chairs and We Watched a movie.  When we weren’t in the Stardome, we were having fun outside. We were playing on the flying fox and we were playing on the train.We were playing on the circle thing and we were playing
on the swing . i liked the flying foxWhen we weren’t in the Stardome, we were having fun outside. We were playing on the flying fox and we were playing on the train.
We were playing on the circle thing and we were playing on the swing. I liked the flying fox.