Friday, 31 March 2017

Jack The Robot

Jack was walking and he found a bag and he found rodot. arm and he trierd. to put it on and
He found. pulgs. and he got one he tried to put it on and he put dwon. and he was walking and
He stoped. he looked back and he walked and he was siting.  dwon. and he found a
Rodot. and he put balck. tape and he was siting. with it and he found a car and he found
Arm  and it trked. him and he was sad and he looked up he found a robt. and they
Mach. the end        

The Duffy Show

Room14 went to the hall  and  last Tuesday for the duffy show. Someone showed up it was global girl. and they went to a different plants and
They. went to the dist and the rose was dead and they went to
Plant and they done elephant toothpaste  and it went all the way up and someone
Was at the door and it was gobal girls boss and gobal girl had to go
And duffy told global girl to stay and duffy had to be super duffy
The end.

Friday, 24 March 2017


The world’s smallest dragon gets its name because it is small. It has wings.
It also has sharp claws.
When it breaths  it fries.
If I had one I would call it troy.
It would live with me at my house.
We would  play hide and seek.